HD "Eminent" Super Duty Mattress Set - King Size

HD "Eminent" Super Duty Mattress Set - King Size

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A Solid Night’s Sleep - Available in Firm

The HD Super Duty Brand mattress will provide you “A solid night’s sleep.” These mattresses are built not only to last but also to provide you a good night sleep night after night. This strong and conventional mattress, while providing a good night’s sleep, is also a great value.

This ultra-durable bed provides luxurious firm support that will not break down with body impressions. The foam encasement technology coupled with the robust wood foundation lets you rest easy knowing that your Heavy Duty mattress will provide you a good quality night’s sleep with a level of comfort you wouldn’t presume to find in a heavy duty bed built for durability.

Comfort was not spared in the design of the HD Super Duty mattress; in fact this mattress has an advanced support system that is built with the finest comfort layers that will fit the contour of your body for optimum spinal alignment and rejuvenating, deep sleep. Backed by one of the most aggressive warranties in the sleep industry, this mattress has proven that it will outperform its warranty year after year.

The heavy-duty furniture grade foundation that is built for maximum durability. Composed of the highest-quality products including latex, gel memory and high-density foams this mattress has the ability to reduce pressure and to cradle your body in a conforming layer of comfort that is unmatched and is the perfect remedy for those who suffer from back pain.

The HD Super Duty mattresses are so well made and have been extensively tested for durability that each mattress is accompanied with a 20-year warranty backing that cannot be found with any other mattress in the sleep industry.

Allow approximately 10-14 days for delivery.

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