About Us


We provide our customers with greatly discounted prices on name brand, luxury mattresses.  We want you to find the best mattress that will allow you to get a good night's sleep night after night.  We buy in bulk quantities from national manufactures and liquidators so we can maintain low-overhead costs, resulting in lower prices for our customers.  We carry only Major Brands and all mattress varieties, including Pillow Tops, Plush Tops, Euro Tops, Orthopedics, Tight Tops, Memory Foam, etc.   By purchasing in volume from national manufactures and liquidators, we are able to pass along the savings to our customers on our high quality mattresses.  We carry only name brand and quality mattresses - all at very affordable prices!

Discount Quality Mattresses offers a huge selection of entry level to high end mattresses - most of which are Brand New from the Manufactures.  However, from time to time we do offer Brand New “Factory Firsts”, or “Factory Seconds” mattresses when available from National Liquidators.  

What Are Factory Firsts or Seconds You Ask?

In the mattress industry, there are factory 1st, factory 2nds, and factory 3rds.

Factory 1st is brand new mattresses sold in your typical big box retail mattress store at full retail prices.  However, in retail stores, once the plastic has been compromised, whether it is a tear or a tiny hole, it is now considered a factory 2nd’s mattress.  Sounds crazy, but that is the way it works.

Factory 2nd mattresses come back to the manufacturer for a number of different reasons. The single most common reason is freight damages or scuffs. When we say “damages”, we are talking about purely minor cosmetic blemishes, maybe a minor tear, scuff or dirt mark on the side or bottom from dragging or snagging etc.  So yes, the majority of factory 2nd mattresses are going to have extremely minor cosmetic flaws that could be where maybe they zigged when they should have zagged on the stitching, etc.  Rest assured, 100% of our mattresses have gone through a 10-point inspection from the manufacturer, and we will NEVER offer mattresses where the structural integrity has been compromised.

On top of all this, we get our Factory Seconds from some of the largest suppliers of factory seconds mattresses. Their guidelines for selling factory seconds are extremely rigid, so they take things a step further. Once they receive the product from the manufacturer (Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Stearn & Foster, etc.), they have their own cleaning and disinfecting system in place as well as another 13-point inspection of the product. Once everything is cleared for a second time, they factory seal the mattresses and ship them out to us.  A lot of smaller companies or individuals selling these types of mattresses will attempt to clean these mattresses themselves, bag them in cheap plastic, and tape them up with packaging tape. This can lead to so many other hygienic issues, as well as the stores attempting to pass them off as brand new.  Factory seconds are NEVER brand new mattresses.  If the mattress has come back to the manufacturer, regardless if it’s an overstock, freight scuff or discontinued model, it is no longer considered a new mattress.

Once again, the majority of the mattresses we sell are BRAND NEW from the Manufactures, but from time to time we do offer those that may have also been discontinued models, overstocks, mismatched sets and sometimes store floor display models.  Our desire is to provide the best mattress possible to our customer, at a price that will keep them UNDER their budget.

Unfortunately in the factory 2nd business, from time to time we may run into a mattress that was used as a store floor display model that may have had something sat on it or spilt on it causing a small stain or mark.  Once the mattresses arrive to our location, we also give them a good inspection to determine “if any” have any minor stains or spills on them.  If so, we will discount these mattresses way down and “blow” them out of our showroom, most of the time at cost, which can save the customer anywhere from 80%-90% on what they’d expect to spend in a retail store.

Discount Quality Mattresses is a 100% up front and has no frills or fancy showrooms, no expensive overhead or advertising budgets and no pushy salesmen.  NOTHING you would expect to find at a retail store.  We are a small individually owned discount center and our reputation is very important to us so we provide everything upfront before you make your purchase.  We are listed with the Oklahoma Treasury Office and the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  There is no smoke and mirrors here.  Before taking home your new mattress, we offer you the opportunity to look everything over and lay on the mattress, making sure you know exactly what you are purchasing, as all sales are final with no refunds offered.  Our normal business hours are by appointment only on Sunday & Monday, 10am – 7pm Tuesday through Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday.  We also show by appointments outside our normal operating hours if needed to help meet busy schedules of our potential customers.

Factory Second mattresses have been greatly reduced in price; therefor they do not come with a manufacturer's warranty.    

Factory 3rd is when you get into the products that we never carry. These are typically warranty returns or mattresses that have been damaged beyond what would be considered superficial.  You find these mostly in stores that sell rebuilt, reconditioned or refurbished mattresses.  Once again, we do not carry these...EVER.

 We hope this information clears up any questions you may have in regards to what a Factory Second mattress really is.  Discount Quality Mattresses stands behind our products 100% and are proud to offer these types of mattresses from time to time, along with our main inventory of Brand New Products With Discounted Prices.

There is no reason to spend hundreds or thousands more for an identical product in a big fancy retail store.